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In this Christian Louboutin shoes review:

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Me and Christian Louboutin Shoes

It is a true pride to own a pair of mind-blowing, envious neck-twisting and breath-taking Christian Louboutin shoes. Classic yet sexy these shoes have conquered the hearts of all the women worldwide. Ranging from 600 dollars/euro up to over 2000 dollars/euro these shoes can be hardly called a staple footwear. However, most of us, ladies, if not owning them already, are on the way of saving up for this stunning framework around our feet. So, how to make sure this investment pays you back for a long period of time?

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Sizing Christian Louboutin Shoes

How to match Christian Louboutin shoe size?

The sizing of the most models in Christian Louboutin shoes does not run on a basis of one-to-one match. A good rule of thumb is to go half a size up when selecting your shoes.
If your foot is wide and you are selecting a jaw-dropping peep toe model like "Lady Peep", "No Matter", "Academa" etc. half a size up would comfortably accustom your foot.

Christian Louboutin "Lady Peep", "No Matter", "Academa", "Lady Peep Sling"

Christian Louboutin “Lady Peep”, “No Matter”, “Academa”, “Lady Peep Sling”

However, for a wide foot the classic pointed toe models like "So Kate", "Iriza", "Pigalle Follies" you might need to opt for a whole size up, as there will be too less space for your toes due to the narrow fit.

Christian Louboutin "So Kate", "Pigalle Follies","Iriza", "Pigalle Follies "Ada" N°6"

Christian Louboutin “So Kate”, “Pigalle Follies”,”Iriza”, “Pigalle Follies “Ada” N°6″

A rounded toe models like "Fifi", "Dorissima", "Baronessa" would fit you perfectly if you go half a size up from your normal size for both normal and wider feet.

Christian Louboutin"Fifi Sling", "Dorissima", "Baronessa", "Flojo"

Christian Louboutin”Fifi Sling”, “Dorissima”, “Baronessa”, “Flojo”

Also keep in mind that leather shoes stretch and mould to your feet in time. However the shoes made of the other materials like lace will not give in much stretch. Be careful with models like "Debout", "Follie Draperia", "Guni Pump" and similar as they might require you to go the whole size up to make sure the wear is painless.

Christian Louboutin "Debout", "Follie Draperia", "Guni Pump", "Very Rete"

Christian Louboutin “Debout”, “Follie Draperia”, “Guni Pump”, “Very Rete”

And did you know there is an app to help you match your shoe size?

The Designer Shoe Sizes app can help you match your Christian Louboutin shoe size. It's simple and easy - just choose your size for a country, another brand or unit of measure and it will match the correct Christian Louboutin shoe size for you!

Match Christian Louboutin shoe size with Designer Shoe Sizes app

Match Christian Louboutin shoe size with Designer Shoe Sizes app

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Are Christian Louboutin shoes comfortable?

Most of ladies believe that comfort has nothing to do with beauty. Well, to be honest when you save up and spend such money one a single pair of shoes, you kind of expect them to serve you for years and be comfortable.
Keep in mind that all of the models with 100mm heel and over are not designed to sprint catching a bus, metro or taxi. The best environment to wear these sky-high pumps is, without a doubt, indoors or a well-structured flat street surface. That is if you are on a trip in some of the European cities and plan to go on the Old Town sightseeing … well, every step you make on a prominent cobblestone street will cause nothing more that stress on your shoes and their owner.
Other than that, if you keep the wear occasion in mind, the general comfort wear statistics we get using our Artificial Intelligence engine are as following:

  • Pumps 100mm – 120mm comfortable wear time without a break – up to 0,5h
  • Pumps >100mm – comfortable wear time without a break – up to 1h
  • Platforms 120mm – 160mm comfortable wear time without a break – 1h
  • Platforms >120mm – comfortable wear time without a break – up to over 1,5h
  • Sandals 140mm – 120mm comfortable wear time without a break – up to 0,5h
  • Sandals >120mm – comfortable wear time without a break – 1h
  • Flats comfortable wear time without a break – up to 3h.

Pay attention to the flats toe type and the material they are made of: non-leather and pointed toe flats will reduce the length of the comfortable time wear.

Christian Louboutin "Mom And Dad Women's Flat", "Simplenodo Flat", "Mix Flat", "Anjalina Flat"

Christian Louboutin “Mom And Dad Women’s Flat”, “Simplenodo Flat”, “Mix Flat”, “Anjalina Flat”

As a hint, a newly purchased leather shoe can be easier and quicker moulded to your foot by spraying in a special shoe stretch spray that can be found in any shoe care brands like Salamander, Collonil, Ecco, Punch etc.

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How to care about Christian Louboutin shoes?

After you have spent all your leprechaun pot of gold on your favourite pair of Christian Louboutin’s, you would want to preserve them for ages – that, of course, means not wearing them at all!
However, if you do plan on wearing them – follow these rules:

  1. Clean your shoes inside out after each wear with a lightly damp cloth.
  2. Keep your shoes in their dust bags – each shoe in a separate bag. Do not allow then to rub against each other.
  3. Repair your heels a.s.a.p. they get worn down at a cobbler.
  4. Use the correct water protecting spray – for leather, patent leather, suede or cloth. The spray will not only act as water repellent but also keeps the dust from settling deep onto your shoe, thus making cleaning process with slightly dump cloth much easier.

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How to protect red sole on Christian Louboutin shoes?

Oh, these red soles! Did you get your pair of Christian Louboutin’s only because of the red sole? …hmmmm…
First of all, you shall decide on whether you want your soles to wear naturally or you would like to preserve them for longer.
If you wish to preserve them, unfortunately there is not much you can do. Over the years the best proven methods that you can use by yourselves are:

  1. Apply any digital screen protector shield on your new soles. This will certainly delay the wear, but will not stop it.
  2. You can purchase a special red paint for red sole maintainable and refresh your soles on a regular basis.
  3. You can take them to your cobbler and ask him to re-sole with red soles. Be careful to check the red soles he is going to use for your shoes before hand – make sure colour matches! Or you can buy a red soles online and bring them to your cobbler. But keep in mind: in order to re-sole your beautiful Christian Louboutin’s the cobbler will have to sand down your red soles…

So, maybe, re-soling your shoes is a good idea after you have worn them down naturally and experienced the full joy of a new Christian Louboutin’s on a night out!

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What to wear Christian Louboutin shoes with to make a trendy, stunning look?

Phuuuh… this is easy! And the most important, any look you wear them with will instantly turn into a polished statement.
Wear the classic Christian Louboutin’s with dresses: any dresses, especially with black or red.
Wear Christian Louboutin’s with jeans (skinny, bootcut, boyfriend style etc.) and white top: blouse, t-shirt, jacket etc.

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