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Have you been eyeing the Stuart Weitzman boots for a while? Earlier we compared Highland vs. Tieland.

In 2017, Stuart Weitzman brought Hiline to the scene.

Now, let's compare three high heel boot models: Hiline vs. Highland vs. Tieland.

Hiline vs. Highland vs. Tieland


The first noticeable thing is the heel difference, of course.

Even though Highland and Hiline heels look similar, Highland boot has a thinner heel of a more intricate shape than Hiline.

Highland boot

Highland boot: thinner heel of a more intricate shape

Hiline has a straight 100mm block heel.

Hiline boot

Hiline boot: straight 100mm block heel

Tieland has a chunkier lower heel compared to Highland and Hiline.

Tieland boot

Tieland boot: chunky lower heel

All models' heels are thick enough for a comfortable wear. The foot doesn't wobble in all three boot models and all three heel models provide your feet sufficient stability for a comfortable walking.


If the heel difference is very obvious from the first sight, then the sole difference is not first thing that comes to your mind to consider.

Sole this is exactly the turning point to all these models in terms of comfort and wear.

The sole in the Highland model is thinner than in Tieland and Hiline models. This means that if you are someone who can feel all the tiny rocks and surface unevenness when wearing shoes for a longer time – Highland model will not provide you with desired comfort for many hours.

Hiline and Tieland sole is thicker

Pay attention at the Tieland model – the sole there is thicker, thus providing better cushion for your feet not to feel like you are walking barefoot after 4 hours.

Difference in the sole framing the shoe

In addition to the difference of sole thickness, there is a difference in the sole framing the shoe.

Hiline and Tieland models have the sole that stands out several millimetres outside the main body of the suede boot.

This also protects your delicate suede shoe toe from the tear when wearing.

Hiline sole

Hiline sole: stands outside, protects suede from tear

Your shoe toe cap is the first to lose its presentable look as it scratches on the asphalt – the several extra millimetres of the sole around will prolong your boots' life and keep them looking like new for longer.

Overall comfort and wear

Overall, all the models are very comfortable.

The boots hug your feet equally tender.

Comfortable wear time for Hiline and Tieland in hours are almost equal, with Tieland leading due to the lower heel.

The verdict

Hiline and Tieland lasts longer

If you expect to get the maximum wear out of your money – then Hiline or Tieland model would last you longer due to their better sole. You can be sure that wearing the Tieland boot on the daily basis around the town and running errands will not shorten their life.

Hiline is the new "it" boot

Hiline model is like a perfect baby of Highland and Tieland that inherited the better sole and a high heel.

As durable as Tieland, they beat Highland on a hight-heel scale.

Hiline adds extra 3cm to your height without compromising on wear quality.

Highland are as good as office boots

If you are planning to wear the boots mainly to the office – then Highland will not get damaged as easily as well.

Tieland boots win hands down on a "harsher terrain".

We adore the new Hiline model the best! Well done Stuart Weitzman!

Which one is your choice?

Write us in comments, please.

What else?

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