Chanel FW16 affordable looks

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In the Fall-Winter 2016-2017 collection Chanel yet again wrapped with elegance the bespoke classics: cashmere, silk and pearls.

Stunning pieces have inspired the high-street brands to resemble the classic luxury combinations.

Zara, Asos, Sister Jane, Misguided – all are featured in our Chanel FW16-17 inspired outfits.

Chanel FW16 inspired affordable shoe options

Chanel FW16 inspired outfits: shoes

And here are some affordable ideas for cashmere and pearls

Note that Macy's offers real fresh water pearls for under $100.

Chanel FW16 inspired outfits collection: pearls and cashemere

Tweed in autumn looks

Chanel FW16 inspired outfits collection: tweed


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