The Art of Layering

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A good outfit is a well layered outfit. This especially applies to colder months.

Here are some simple rules to master the Art of Layering.

What to begin with?

Combine any shirt or blouse with a sweater/jumper to begin with.

Throw on your favorite matching bottoms and add to the outfit a leather or denim jacket.

Top it all off with a long vest. Voilà! You just mastered the ultimate layering!

…now all is left is you favorite pair of shoes and you are all set for a weekend brunch followed by the after-stroll.

NYC layering style

NYC Art of Layering

Pieces used in NYC layering:

  • long vest by Dion Lee
  • leather jacket by Saint Laurent
  • sweater by Isabel Marant
  • shirt by Michael Kors
  • scarf by Chloe
  • boots by Louis Vuitton

Summer pieces to autumn by layering

You can easily transition your summer pieces to autumn by layering them with warmer clothes.

Take your favorite summer dress and add a quilted or a denim jacket on top, throw on a trench or a coat and you are good to go.

Pair this outfit with long boots for additional warmth.

London layering style

London Art of Layering

Pieces used in London layering:

Un look romantique

For a romantic look, take a silk slip dress and throw on a chunky knit sweater.

Top it off with a leather vest for added edge and tall boots. Layering is fun!

Paris layering style

Paris Art of Layering

Pieces used in Paris layering:

  • slip dress by River Island
  • sweater by Zara
  • leather vest by Maje
  • boots by Chanel

Have more layering ideas?

Feel free to comment!


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