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About Us

The Artificial Intelligence Company

We are the innovative company that brings Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Fashion together and makes it available for all. For the past several years we have heavy invested our time and our best minds to research the fashion market and develop the tools that would combine the cutting-edge techniques and concepts, such as Big Data and Data Factory processing, Internet of Things, Consumer behavioral digitalization etc., to work out a self-learning and adaptive engine that would be your private fashion assistant. An assistant that will learn from you, adapt to you and help you no matter what or where.

AI in Shoe Sizes Conversion

Designer Shoe Sizes app - that is a tiny-winy glimpse of what is coming. The Designer Shoe Sizes is self-learning engine that educates itself by processing the data of various formats available in The Mighty Internet, analyses the gained knowledge and based on the criteria gives you an answer. It is not as primitive as to calculate an average number, oh no! The Designer Shoe Sizes AI engine takes into account the credibility of the information received, amounts, age of the information and informants and dozens of other criteria (not to spill the beans here) to provide you with a simple answer to a question: "What shoe size shall I get?".

Coming next: Personal AI Fashion Assistant

Currently we are working on a state of art personal Artificial Intelligence assistant, because fashion has to be available to everyone! So if you ever wanted to have a personal consultation on what to do with your wardrobe and your style - stay tuned, as we are releasing the new app soon! Follow us on social media to get the information about the release date.

If you are into designer and luxury shoes and would like to be featured in our blogs, please contact us at featureme (at) luxdesignershoes dot com

P.S. All our apps will be localized into as many languages as we can!